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Executive Coaching – Individual Coaching of Managers and Leaders

Executive coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another
Coach Downey

What situations is Coaching for?

• When confronted with complex operational, organizational and human situations.
Isolated when leading a large team or organization, in need for a reflective space
• A team leader confronted with an unusually difficult team.
• When on-boarding on a challenging job.
• Difficulty to balance professional and private life resulting in high stress.
• In need to take a step back to clarify present and future professional choices and challenges.

I welcome you in a safe and reflective space in which you can grow, explore and clarify your situations at your own rhythm. During your coaching sessions, I create an environment where you can take a step back, have time to think and be yourself, with no outside pressure. I invite you on a personal learning path which allows you to reach your objectives.


What goals for your coaching?

Acquisition and development of Competencies: communication, delegation, time management, prepare a review, develop managerial abilities…

Performance-Focused Coaching: on-boarding a new position, resolve a business challenge, crisis management, increase team performance…

Inner and Outer Leadership Development Focus: High potential development, improve communication skills, manage stress, raise self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence, manage change…

C-level Executives focus: Manage stakeholders, raise executive presence, improve effective communication, explore leadership style, decode power games, develop political savviness, become a change agent, deal with the pressure at a high level…

Team Coaching

Enabling a team to function at more than the sum of its parts, by clarifying its mission and improving its external and internal relationships.
Peter Hawkins, 2017

Why a Team Coaching?

Enhance team cohesion and develop the capacity of its’ members to work together towards a common goal.
Develop a common culture based on shared values.
• Help a team understand its own system and how its’ members interact with each other.
Engage all members towards a shared vision.
Resolve organizational and human tensions or conflicts.
• Increase results and enhance performance.
• Untangle and resolve a crisis situation.

Together, we analyze your situation and your needs, clarify your demand and your objectives to co-construct a custom-made and efficient intervention.

Client’s testimonials

  • Caroline is an excellent professional, able to achieve concrete results in professional development.

    Christophe Musy
    Christophe Musy VP Parts and Services PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • "I certainly recommend Caroline for any future team Coaching. When we met, we were in the middle of a major turmoil and a deep transition. The coaching we did under your guidance was particularly timely as we are facing a major reorganisation of our activities in the coming twelve months. I feel that every bits of your method brought something to the team, I believe it is the combination of the all the various exercise that made the whole team coaching session particularly efficient and useful. I welcomed your smooth and gentle guidance throughout our team coaching session, and the whole team has been and still is benefiting from the team coaching we made with you."

    Benoit Lebot
    Benoit Lebot Executive Director of IPEEC
  • "Caroline is one of those unique persons that can talk business and personal at the same time. She makes you feel comfortable from the first session to the last and therefore give a lot of value and openness in the sessions. Caroline made a lot of the circumstances and challenges in daily life really visible and clear, explained with concrete examples and therefore ‘placable’ and understandable for me, helping me to look for the balance I was missing."

    Michel Van Maanen
    Michel Van Maanen Directeur de la Performance, Transdev

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Executive coaching

Coaching offers a safe and reflective space allowing for personal and professional growth.

Leadership development

We create innovative interactive solutions to boosts your teams’ skills and enhance your talents’ leadership

Professional supervision

Supervision is an opportunity to grow, add depth, shift your perspective and reflect in a safe and creative space.

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You wish to switch jobs? Get out of your comfort zone? Clarify where you are in your career?


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