Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

executive coaching

Individual Coaching of Managers and Leaders

“Executive coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another”

Coach Downey

Coaching, for which situations?

What goals for your coaching?

Acquisition and development of Competencies

Communication, delegation, time management, prepare a review, develop managerial abilities…

Performance-Focused Coaching

On-boarding a new position, resolve a business challenge, crisis management, increase team performance…

Inner and Outer Leadership Development Focus

High potential development, improve communication skills, manage stress, raise self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence, manage change…

C-level Executives focus

Manage stakeholders, raise executive presence, improve effective communication, explore leadership style, decode power games, develop political savviness, become a change agent, deal with the pressure at a high level…

My approach

I welcome you in a safe and reflective space in which you can grow, explore and clarify your situations at your own rhythm. During your coaching sessions, I create an environment where you can take a step back, have time to think and be yourself, with no outside pressure. I invite you on a personal learning path which allows you to reach your objectives.

Team coaching

Team Coaching

“Enabling a team to function at more than the sum of its parts, by clarifying its mission and improving its external and internal relationships”
Peter Hawkins

Why a Team Coaching?

My 5 steps process of Team Coaching

Step 1

Meeting with leader(s), clarification of the request and objectives, and communication to the team

Step 2

Interviews with team members, synthesis, presentation

Step 3

Finalization of the objectives, proposal and agreement on the modalities of intervention

Step 4

Coaching of the team with agreed terms

Step 5

Evaluation of the results, assessment

My approach

In Team Coaching, I support the team in strengthening its collective performance by optimizing its pleasure in being and working together. My approach is deliberately positive and seeks to work with the inherent richness of all team members by emphasizing and reinforcing them in a practice that respects the complexity of situations and the diversity of the actors involved.
"I certainly recommend Caroline for any future team Coaching. The coaching we did under your guidance was particularly timely. I feel that every bits of your method brought something to the team and made the whole team session efficient and useful. "
Benoit Lebot
Senior Policy Advisor au Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire