After such a disruptive year I find myself puzzled by the writing of the traditional New Year’s greetings. What to wish for? how to get inspired? how to stay Zen? how to find the energy to face difficulties? where to find the reflective space to put things into perspective? In the face of complexity, uncertainty and constant change, advice seems paltry.

As I reflect about what I wish you for 2021, I realized I could share what has kept me serene and what could perhaps help you to remain so, whatever 2021 holds in store for you.  In a few words, it’s the ability to stay “in the present moment”, to accept reality, not blindly, but by putting your energy into adapting to what is there (not what we want things to be), coupled with a dose of optimism that I preserve by surrounding myself with positive and caring people.

With this formula in mind, I wish for a year that allows everyone to live their personal and professional life to the fullest. I wish you to find your personal serenity and to be surrounded by people who contribute to your fulfillment. Happy New Year 2021.

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