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Supervision is an exciting and passionate journey in learning from experience and that learning journey, like all journeys, is filled with insights, self-awareness, challenges and surprises. Supervisees are “hero of learning”

Michael Carroll

Supervision is an opportunity to grow, add depth, shift your perspective and reflect in a safe and creative space.

Supervision offers coachs and leaders a safe space for growth thru reflection, learning, dialogue, creative interventions, and relational presence.

It is a moment where professionals can explore freely their blind spots, raise awareness, exchange about their professional practice and get support.

Supervision helps you reinforces existing competences, explore new territories, and guides you to untangle complex professional situations.

Supervision is a space for:

Reinforce your professional practice.
Deepen your self awarness and light up your blind spots.
• Appreciate the efficiency of your interventions.
Untangle complex situations.
• Build your “internal supervisor”.
Clarify ethical issues.
Better understanding of organization complexity and coach-client-organization relationships.

My supervision style

With a solid professional supervisor education with CSA, an internationally renowned supervisor training, I supervise external and internal coach, junior and senior coach, Executives and HR. I adapt to your needs and where you are in your professional development. Executive Coach for over 12 years, I bring my experience, my international background, and my profoundly human approach. I respect and follow the ICF and EMCC code of ethics.

Sessions are face to face or through visio-conference. Undecided? You can try one session through visio-conference. Contact me to reserve a space.

Powerful models

Full Spectrum model : created by Edna Murdoch and Jackie Arnold, this internationally acclaimed model offers a wide, reflective and fascinating range of professional development tools to work in depth in supervision. . Learn more

The seven eyed model : A powerful systemic model created by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet which helps to build and develop an efficient and professional supervision. . Learn more

Being Fully Human : A creative approach to explore in supervision what makes us human and how it resonates in the complex relationship between a coach and his client.. Learn more

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Coaching offers a safe and reflective space allowing for personal and professional growth.

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We create innovative interactive solutions to boosts your teams’ skills and enhance your talents’ leadership

Professional supervision

Supervision is an opportunity to grow, add depth, shift your perspective and reflect in a safe and creative space.

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You wish to switch jobs? Get out of your comfort zone? Clarify where you are in your career?


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