Executive Coaching

executive coaching

Individual Coaching of Managers and Leaders

“Executive coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another”

Coach Downey

Coaching, for which situations?

What goals for your coaching?

Acquisition and development of Competencies

Communication, delegation, time management, prepare a review, develop managerial abilities…

Performance-Focused Coaching

On-boarding a new position, resolve a business challenge, crisis management, increase team performance…

Inner and Outer Leadership Development Focus

High potential development, improve communication skills, manage stress, raise self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence, manage change…

C-level Executives focus

Manage stakeholders, raise executive presence, improve effective communication, explore leadership style, decode power games, develop political savviness, become a change agent, deal with the pressure at a high level…

My approach

I welcome you in a safe and reflective space in which you can grow, explore and clarify your situations at your own rhythm. During your coaching sessions, I create an environment where you can take a step back, have time to think and be yourself, with no outside pressure. I invite you on a personal learning path which allows you to reach your objectives.