I was lucky enough to be coached by Caroline for several months after taking on a position with high stakes. Caroline is an exceptional coach who helped me to better know myself and identify my blind spots. I came out of this coaching with a better understanding of situations, a greater sense of distance, and a deeper understanding of my strengths and my potential to create the conditions for success. Caroline knew how to create a dynamic in our meetings with a lot of benevolence. I particularly liked Caroline's pragmatic approach.
Frédéric Brayer
VP IT South Europe chez Accor
Caroline knows how to set up a framework that ensures the success of the coaching: she probes the state of mind of the coachee, and his or her expectations with regard to the coaching and the KPIs of success before anything else. She obviously uses all her listening skills, but also her experience of professional life, of coaching, and very useful tools to work on oneself.
She is a calm, efficient and human coach who adapts very easily to her interlocutor.
I have recommended her to several of my friends and she has been recommended to me as well. She is one of the key people I can trust for the next steps in my career.
Emilie Proyart
VP Sales, Marketing&Communications at Fuggr
A good listener, both benevolent and firm, she knows how to quickly and clearly reformulate problems that sometimes seem confusing in order to define the best action plan. Her highly personalized approach, based on proven managerial concepts, provides the necessary distance and perspective to deal with the issues at hand. Caroline coached me personally in my role as BU manager in a large company in the digital media sector. We worked on issues of self-awareness, leadership development and strategic focus related to concrete situations encountered in my company.
Isabelle Jacquemet
Strategic Partner Director France, Twitch
I recommend Caroline without hesitation! She allowed me to realize many things about myself, to approach problems with more perspective,efficiency and serenity while being more present. I can only express my thanks to her.
Ariane Giraud
VP Strategy and Operations at TotalEnergies
Caroline made a lot of the circumstances and challenges in daily life really visible and clear, explained with concrete examples and therefore ‘placable’ and understandable for me, helping me to 'look for the balance I was missing'. Caroline is one of those unique persons that can talk business and personal at the same time. She makes you feel comfortable from the first session to the last and therefore give a lot of value and openness in the sessions. Although it was supposed to be a culture training it slowly turned into a ‘coaching’ session which brought me a lot of positive energy, coming from a ‘really wise’ person with a clear view on life herself. Her corporate attitude not only makes it a pleasant and worthy counterpart, but she therefore also makes a clear difference between corporate culture and personal life, which gave me some clear tools in what to get out of this in my ‘business encounters’ and ‘daily personal issues’… I would recommend this course to anyone when starting a new job or being part of the family of any expat….
Michel Van Maanen
CEO de Nexport
Caroline is a very efficient coach, human and demanding at the same time. She helped me to understand myself better, to use my skills to gain confidence and efficiency. She knows how to listen, guide, challenge and provide keys to find one's own way. A very enriching experience, to be carried out at least once in one's life, a real benefit on a personal and professional level.
Mathilde Rossat,
International Retail Excellence Director, Celine