Career Transition

Career transition

Rethink & transform your career path

You wish to switch jobs? Get out of your comfort zone? Not sure if the job is right for you anymore? Clarify where you are in your career and what are your options for the future? Understand your motivations and aspirations? Become an entrepreneur? You lost your compas and want to find a new direction? Assume your ambition?

Career coaching is for:

4 key steps


Clarify and define your wishes and goals.


Understand and benefit from the milestones in your journey - your learnings, your successes, your setbacks.


Unlock your hidden potential - get to know yourself better, your strengths and your areas for development


Project yourself and build an action plan - broaden the field of possibilities then make choices

Coaching benefits

My approach

I welcome you in a safe and reflective space in which you can grow, explore and clarify your situations at your own rhythm. During your coaching sessions, I create an environment where you can take a step back, have time to think and be yourself, with no outside pressure. I invite you on a personal learning path which allows you to reach your objectives.
"Caroline coached me during my professional reconversion for 4 months. Thanks to her dynamic coaching, involving and encouraging a real reflection on oneself and one's project, we obtained results very quickly. The objectives are set from the 1st session in order to have KPI's to measure success. Her coaching is relevant, uncompromising and effective thanks to a real understanding of the issues at stake in companies, due to her previous professional experience. I recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to surround themselves with a high quality coach."
Céline Perissin-Fabert
Sustainablity and impact strategy consultant at ODONATO and Board Member at Outdoor Sport Valley