I’m staying, but I’m quitting: quiet quitting in France!

Quiet quitting in France: all the key information you need to understand the phenomenon and its impact on the workplace I’m staying… but I’m quitting”… In the minds of French quiet quitters.   Quiet quitting in France: buzzword, craze or real underlying trend? The phenomenon is a fascinating one to study, but it hasn’t yet […]

Getting out of my comfort zone. But Why? How to balance comfort and effort and find your development zone

What zone are you in? Comfort or effort? Why is it important to know? Because the comfort zone is not always so comfortable, and the effort zone can be stimulating. So where are you and how can you move towards a territory of creation, discovery of your potential, evolution…, that of development. How can you […]

Why following the rhythm of the seasons can help us to better manage our professional challenges…

Fall is here… The days are getting shorter and shorter, nature is slowing down, preparing to protect itself from winter and to be reborn in spring. We, on the other hand, are moving faster and faster, faced with pressing issues of transformation, management, and objectives. But rather than speeding up, we should follow the movement […]

How to trade flip-flops for suits without losing your authenticity? 5 anchor points to keep your balance

September is already here, it’s the end of a beautiful summer parenthesis. We have to put on our suit and leather shoes, we have to recompose our professional image. And often, it is at this time of the year that the gap between who we are and the role we play every day at work […]